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Pesara Pappu Pachadi | Pasi Paruppu Thogayal

Andhra Pesara Pappu Pachadi | Moong Dal Chutney | Pasi Paruppu Thogyal

Andhra Pradesh has a well-deserved reputation for its pachadis, podis, and uragayalu (pickles). I have not seen any other community make this unique Pesara Pappu Pachadi, an oh-so-simple pachadi made from Pesara Pappu, Moong Dal or Husked Green Gram. My father likes Pesara Pappu Pachadi a lot and so I make it for him

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Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi | Hotel Style Coconut Chutney

Hotel Style Coconut Chutney | Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi

Today, I present Hotel Style Coconut Chutney (called Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi in Telugu). It is THE best kind of chutney, especially for Medu Vada | Garelu. In most households, the traditional coconut chutney rules the roost. However, it is cholesterol-laden and goes rancid very soon. Hotels cannot afford to keep

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Andhra Kandi Pachadi | Paruppu Thogayal | Andhra Style Tuvar Dal Chutney

Andhra Kandi Pachadi | Tuvar Dal Chutney | Paruppu Thoghayal

This is the recipe for Kandi Pachadi, a great favourite with my older maternal aunt, Lalita Dodda. What brought it one was a cleaning spree when I came across hand-written letters . My aunt and my mother had this great tradition of hand-written letters, and in her later years Dodda

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Ullipaya Pachadi | Andhra-Style Onion Chutney for Idli and Dosa

In my home, Idli and Dosa are staple breakfast items; generally served with Nalla Kharam or Molaga Podi on weekdays. On weekends, I have more time on hand and make some chutney or the other. This past weekend, I had made Ullipaya Pachadi or Andhra Style Onion Chutney as an

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