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Andhra Style Tomato Pachadi, Tomato Thakkali, Tomato Chutney

Andhra Tomato Pachadi | Tomato Thakkali | Tomato Chutney – Guest Post by Sreela Karlapalem

Truth be told this post is long long overdue. Sreela Karlapalem, my first cousin who loves cooking as much as I do, shared this recipe with me many months ago, but I just came around to trying it. I am glad to have tried this recipe because I generally don’t like tomatoes

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Vankaya Perugu Pachadi (Brinjal and Yogurt Chutney, Dahiwala Baingan Bharta)

When it is hot, I always look for cool stuff to eat and Perugu Pachadis (raitas or thayir pachadis) top my list. On of my most favourite dishes in this category is this dish which is called Vankaya Perugu Pachadi (simply translated as Baingan Raita or Dahiwala Baingan Bharta in

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Pudina Pachadi or Mint Chutney for Rice – Andhra Style

I was browsing through the recipes on my blog the other day when I realised that I have not published a pachadi recipe in a long time. As a family with roots in Andhra Pradesh, pachadis (chutneys) and uragais (pickles) are an integral part of our food at home. In Andhra, we

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