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Pal Payasam | Doodh ki Kheer

There is something about simple Pal Payasam that can gladden the glummest of hearts. The key to good pal payasam is patience, patience, and more patience. 🙂 And of course, full-fat milk. The recipe is very simple, it is the patience that matters. It takes the milk more than hour to reduce.

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Sheera or Sooji Halwa

Sharada Navaratri means a different sweet and savoury naivedyam everyday for nine days. That can be quite a challenge for me because most days, I have to make whatever I choose to before I go to work at about 8:30 AM. One perennial favourite in our home is Sheera or Suji Halwa or Rava

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Pala Undrallu (Rice Flour Balls in Milk) – Vinayaka Chaviti Naivedyam

Food is such a central part of all Indian religious functions. Each festival brings with it an assortment  of goodies and Vinayaka Chaviti is no exception. One sweet that must be a part of naivedyam for Ganesha is the sweet Pala Undrallu along with its savoury cousin Uppu Undrallu. Ingredients Rice Flour – 1/2

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