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A collection of Holi recipes to celebrate the festival of colours. Holi is a festival that signals the start of spring and the end of winter. People celebrate by lighting a bonfire the night before (Holika Dahan). The bonfire signifies the destruction of evil and victory of good.

People celebrate the next day by dousing each other in colours.

As with all Indian festivals, food plays an important role. Thandai, Mawa Gujjiya, Puran Poli and many such delicacies are shared with family and friends.

Khavyachi Satori, Khava Poli, or Mawa Roti

Making Satori last week was rather an adventure for me. It started with me looking for a Mawa-based sweet for Holi. I did not want to make Mawa Gujjiya as it was very common. So as I searched for other Mawa- or Khoya-based sweets, I chanced upon Amarendra Mulye’s Gulkand Satori. I loved the recipe but still kept looking

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Shankarpali | Shakkar Para | Sweet Maida Diamond Biscuit

Shakkar Pare (called Shankarpali in Maharashtra and Sweet Diamond Maida Biscuits in South India) are crunchy-muchies of the sweet sort that are a great favourite with Indians. Commonly made during festivals such as Diwali or Holi, these sweet treats are quite popular with young and old alike. Want more recipes for snacks? Try my recipes

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