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Deep-fried Andhra Aviri Vadiyalu

Aviri Vadiyalu | Sundried Steamed Rice Papad from Andhra Pradesh

Today, I present Aviri Vadiyalu; an instant sun-dried papad made with small steamed rice flour “dosas” (for the want of a better word). I call these “instant vadiyalu” because they are ready in 1 day and do not need many many days of sun-drying like other vadiyalu. Vadiyalu has no equivalent

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Small pieces of mango pickled in a mustard-chilli-fenugreek paste

Menthi Baddalu | Menthi Mukkalu | Instant Mango Pickle from Andhra

I make this instant mango pickle from Andhra Pradesh called Menthi Mukkalu (Menthi Baddalu) so many times but have never written about it. So when I made it the day before yesterday, I made it a point to take pictures and here I am today with this recipe. In Andhra

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