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Doodh Poha in a silver bowl on a dark green saree

Doodh Poha | A Recipe from Maharashtra and Gujarat

This week’s theme for the Foodie Monday Blog Hop is Cooking Without Fire, chosen by our fellow blogger Preethi Prasad of Preethi’s Cuisine. For this theme I have chosen Doodh Poha, a super simple dish made for Kojagiri Purnima (aka Sharad Poornima) in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Doodh Poha is essentially Poha

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Healthy, Low-Oil Gujarati Handvo: In a Pan and Appam Pan

Handvo can be best described as a traditional Gujarati savoury cake. It is made with a mix of dals and rice with lauki (bottle gourd) added to it for softness. Flavoured with green chilli-ginger paste, red chilli powder, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar, Handvo is a super-healthy. It is

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Steamed Methi Muthia

Steamed Methi Muthiya: A Healthy Delicious Snack from Gujarat

I like making Steamed Methi Muthiya for many reasons. First, I love fresh Methi (Fenugreek leaves) and try to use it in as many ways as possible. Second, I am on a weight-loss journey and am looking for healthy yet delicious snacks. Third, this recipe yields the perfect Methi Muthiya; firm yet crumbly,

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