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Shengole | Fresh Hand-rolled pasta from Maharashtra in India

Shengole | Shengolya from Marathwada in Maharashtra

I had planned to make a whole lot of desserts over the weekend but then ditched that plan to make Shengole, which I have heard described as a “fresh hand-rolled pasta” from Maharashtra. The trigger for making this spicy and filling one-dish meal was the incessant rain in Mumbai that

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Khamang Dhokla from Marathwada

Khamang Dhokle from Marathwada: Recipe by Balasaheb Ardhapurkar

I learnt this recipe for Khamang Dhokle from Marathwada from Balasaheb Ardhapurkar. Balasaheb-ji regularly posts in a couple of Maharashtrian food groups and the recipes are invariably something that catch my eye as they are mostly authentic Marathwada recipes (a cuisine I knew little about but am learning so much about

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Indian Peanut Brittle | Moongfali Chikki | Shengdana Chikki

Shengdana Chikki | Moongfali Chikki | Peanut Brittle with Jaggery

I have been meaning to try Shengdana Chikki or Peanut Brittle with Jaggery for a while now. I finally made this super-simple 3-ingredient dessert, also known as Moongfali Chikki, for Sankranti this year. I am quite thrilled at how this evergreen chikki turned out; it had the perfect crackle, was not

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