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Paneer Do Pyaza | Paneer Dopiaza

Paneer Do Pyaza is a dish that essentially has two ingredients—paneer and onions—which are cooked in a variety of spices. The onion plays a starring role in this dish; grated onion is used in the marinade and finely sliced onions are used in the making of the curry base. Hence the name, Do Pyaza or Dopiaza, which literally means “with two onions”.

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Paneer Kali Mirch (Cottage Cheese in a Yogurt and Pepper Gravy)

Paneer is something I always have on hand because you can always make a quick curry or Paneer Biryani at the end of a log working day. This past week, as we were enjoying a long weekend, we were looking for something different yet not too taxing. Browsing through the millions of

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Paneer Kofta (Cottage Cheese Balls in Yogurt Gravy)

When I saw the pics on Anjana’s recipe for Paneer Kofta Korma {Indian Cottage Cheese Balls In A Delicate Yogurt Sauce}, I knew I had to try it as soon as I could. I know from practice that Anjana’s recipes are foolproof and absolutely delicious. Regular readers of this blog will remember

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