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Cabbage Thoran | Muttaikose Poriyal | Cabbage Kura | Patta Gobi Sabzi

This is oh-so-easy-to-make Cabbage Koora (known as Cabbage Poriyal in Tamil Nadu and Cabbage Thoran in Kerala) is comfort food in our home. When perfectly done, the cabbage is crisp yet perfectly cooked.  Eat this curry as a side dish to perugu annam (curd rice) or sambar rice. You will be

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Majjiga Pulusu without Coconut (Buttermilk Stew without Coconut)

I have two variations of the basic Majjiga Pulusu that I make; one with coconut and one without. This is the variation without the coconut. You can make it with a mix of vegetables (bendakaya/bhindi/okra, vankaya/baingain/aubergines, mullakaada/shenga/drumstick, anapakaya/lauki/bottle gourd) or then with greens. Ingredients Curd – 1.5 Cups Water –

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Challa Attu – The Truly Cool Dosa

Challa Attu literally means a cool dosa; challa means cool and attu means dosa in Telugu. It derives its name from the buttermilk (traditional cooling agent) that it contains in plenty. Challa attu is a great favourite with my family. It is very easy to make and is done in a jiffy. We make this often

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