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Challa Attu – The Truly Cool Dosa

Challa Attu literally means a cool dosa; challa means cool and attu means dosa in Telugu. It derives its name from the buttermilk (traditional cooling agent) that it contains in plenty. Challa attu is a great favourite with my family. It is very easy to make and is done in a jiffy. We make this often

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Menthi Podi – 1

This is a podi that is used to garnish a several vegetable preparations. It helps add an extra something to ordinary koora with vegetables like dondakaya (tendli, gherkins), vankaya (baingan, aubergines/brinjals/eggplant), aritikaya (kacha kela, plantains)…. Ingredients Minapappu/Udad Dal – 1 Cup Senaga Pappu/Chana Dal – 1 Cup Menthulu/Methi Dana/Fenugreek Seeds – 1/3 Cup Red Chillies

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Kanda Pohe – Onion Poha – Maharashtrian Recipe

There is something about warm, fluffy, freshly made Pohe that can simply elevate my day. I make pohe at least once a week for breakfast. Pohe is very easy to make and you can whip it up in a jiffy, whether for breakfast or when you have unexpected guests or JLT! There

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