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Ragi Sangati | Ragi Mudde | Ragi Kali

I am making a concentrated effort to include Ragi into my diet and so have started making Ragi Sangati regularly. Ragi is a miracle food. It is loaded with calcium, fibre, iron, and Vitamin D. As a result, it helps in weight-loss, treating anemia, strengthening the bones, reducing cholestrol, and much much more. It also

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Rava Pongal – Sankranti Special Recipe

Makara Sankranti is the harvest festival that is celebrated all over India under different names. It is typically a 4 day festival in my home state of Andhra Pradesh. One of the dishes that is made during this festival is Katte Pongali or Ven Pongal. This is a dish that uses moong

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Cabbage Senaga Pappu Kura, Muttaikose Kadalai Paruppu Thoran or Poriyal

Continuing on my saga of recipes or vegetables that aid weight loss, today I am focusing on Cabbage. Today, I am making a variation of Cabbage or Muttaikose Thoran that uses Bengal Gram as an additional ingredient. This adds a new dimension to this curry and make it protein-rich. Called Cabbage Senaga Pappu Kura in

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