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Dahi Wale Aloo – Vrat or Fasting Recipe – Guest Post by Kiran Jalan

If there is a super fan of this blog, it is Kiran Jalan. She has been an evangelist for this blog like no other. And yes, it thrills me to bits to hear from Kiran. 🙂 That is enough about this blog; let me introduce Kiran. Kiran is one of most unassuming people

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Guest Post: Aloo Boda Tarkari (Potato And Cow Peas Curry) by Sanjana of Feeding the Sonis

Since I saw the recipe for Khaidu (Seasoned Yoghurt) on Sanjana Soni’s blog Feeding The Sonis, I have been wanting to try it. I am a sucker for anything with yoghurt and with recipe so simple, how could I? So try it I did, as an accompaniment to Vangi Bhath. This got

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