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Rava Dosa (Semolina Pancakes)

There is Rava Dosa, and then there is Rava Dosa; the way my father makes it. Daddy’s Rava Dosas are stuff legends are made of. The day Daddy decides to make Rava Dosas, he will typically get up and makes the batter even before he has his tea! Then he lets it “sit” for

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A spoonful of Àndhra Uppudu Pindi with some mango pickle

Andhra Uppu Pindi | Uppudu Pindi (Upma with Rice Rava and Moong Dal)

In my mind, Uppu Pindi (aka Uppudu Pindi) will forever be a special mother-daughter pleasure that I shared with Amma. Yes, my dad and brother like it too, but Amma and me just loved it. I used to look forward to Saturday nights when this or Dibba Rotti (a thick pancake made with Idli batter) was the

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