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Dahi Sabudana | Tapoica Pearls soaked in yogurt

Dahi Sabudana | Upvas Recipe from Maharashtra

Today, I present the recipe for Dahi Sabudana, a super simple and delicious dish that is eaten on days of fasting in Maharashtra. This recipe also heralds the start of my participation in the Foodie Monday Bloghop. This is a group of talented bloggers who post recipes centered around a member-suggested

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Shinghare ki Puri (Deep Fried Flat Bread with Water Chestnut Flour)

My sister-in-law, Bhavna, fasts all 9 days of Navaratri. She eats only once a day and that too food that does not involve any grain (dhaan). And she does not like Sabudana, so stuff like Sabudana Khichadi or Sabudana Wada are out. What she prefers is roti or puri made

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Sweet Potato in Jaggery Syrup – Vrat ka Khana

I love Sweet Potato in Jaggery Syrup. It is a simple, yet wholesome dessert that makes great use of the sweet potato. In parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat, this dish is classified as Vrat ka Khana or a dish eaten on fasting days. How to Make Sweet Potato in Jaggery Syrup

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