Paala Koora Pappu (Lentils with Spinach & Tomato, Palak ki Dal)

This is a version of Paala Koora Pappu that I make occasionally. I am more fond of the Paala Koora Pappu with pesara pappu, coconut, and dhaniyalu. However, on the day that I am in the mood for it, this version of the pappu hits the spot as well. 🙂

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Dondakaya Koora with Koora Podi

This is a variation of the Menthi Podi Vesina Dondakaya Koora. This version of the Dondakaya koora is spicier and satisfies the craving for hot and spicy food. Ingredients Dondakaya/Ivy Gourd/Tondli – 1/2 Kg Koora Podi – 3 tsp Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp Curry Leaves – 6 to 8 Turmeric –

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Koora Podi (Andhra Curry Powder)

This koora podi is new to me. I first tasted it recently when I went to visit my niece, Sushma, in Pune. She had made an awesome Chikkudikaya Koora and Bendakaya Koora using this koora podi. She had got this koora podi from the cook when she went for her

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Paneer ki Bhaji

Paneer or Cottage Cheese is one of my favourite ingredients. I love the very taste of paneer and don’t like to mask it in heavy spices. This very simple dish is a particular favourite of mine. This version of paneer bhaji is ready in a jiffy and is very healthy,

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Sabudana Khichdi is eaten on days of fasting

The Perfect, Non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi

This is the recipe that will yield just the perfect, non-sticky Sabudana Khichdi without any effort.

It is a really simple recipe that just needs you to pay attention to a couple of small details so that you make delicious Sabudana Khichdi every time.

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Cauliflower Pesara Pappu Koora (Cauliflower aur Moong Dal ki Bhaji)

The use of cauliflower in South Indian cuisine is almost unheard of. We do use “other English vegetables” like carrots quite a bit but cauliflower rarely finds a place in mainstream cooking. The two versions that are quite popular in my home are Cauliflower Vepudu (Cauliflower Stir Fry) and Cauliflower

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