Lablabi or Leblebi – A Tunisian Chickpea Soup

Since I have started exploring African and Mediterranean cuisine these past few weeks, I have been surprised by two things: The number of vegetarian options that are available (then there are non-vegetarian recipes that could be adapted to become vegetarian). How “Indian” some of these dishes taste. Today, I am exploring

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Mudda Pappu | Andhra-Style Plain Dal

Mudda Pappu could be loosely translated into a ball of dal (mudda = ball, pappu = dal). Mudda Pappu is just plain tuvar dal (kandi pappu) boiled, mashed and seasoned with salt. The consistency is such that if you serve a ladle of Mudda Pappu it retains the shape of the ladle. It

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Paneer Do Pyaza | Paneer Dopiaza

Paneer Do Pyaza is a dish that essentially has two ingredients—paneer and onions—which are cooked in a variety of spices. The onion plays a starring role in this dish; grated onion is used in the marinade and finely sliced onions are used in the making of the curry base. Hence the name, Do Pyaza or Dopiaza, which literally means “with two onions”.

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Mulakkada Kura | Andhra Style Drumstick Curry

Nuvvulu Kobbari Veysina Mulakkada Kura (Drumstick Curry with Sesame and Coconut)

This curry is an old family favourite and gets done in a jiffy! It is typical eaten with hot steamed rice topped with sesame oil (nuvvula nuni or gingelly oil) and with some Avakai on the side.

Pure Bliss!

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Harissa – A Fiery Spiced Chilli Paste from Tunisia

This post on Harissa is inspired by so many of my fellow bloggers. Ever since Garima went on a culinary journey across the middle-east I have wanted to explore more of this region’s delicious cuisine apart from the Hummus, Falafel and Revani that I have tried. Do visit Garima’s lovely blog at

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Mango Kulfi: A Frozen Indian No Churn Mango Ice-Cream

Yes, yes, when madness afflicts one, it truly takes hold! As I mentioned in my last post about Malai Kulfi, I have finally succumbed to the Kulfi madness that afflicts all Indian food bloggers in summer. 🙂 What’s more is that I am also afflicted with the blogging madness. This means that

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