Southekayi Hasi Majjige is a wonderful side of cucumber in spicy yogurt.

Southekayi Hasi Majjige Huli – Cucumber in Spicy Yogurt – Guest Post by Roopa Belur

On the long Holi+Easter weekend, I made Nucchina Unde with Southekayi Hasi Majjige for breakfast. This was at the recommendation of Roopa Belur, a friend and fellow foodie. And what a treat this turned out to be. This classic breakfast from Karnataka was simply delicious and the perfect way to begin a lazy weekend.

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Nucchina Unde – Steamed Tuvar Dal Dumplings from Karnataka

This recipe for Nucchina Unde or Nuchinunde was suggested to me by Roopa Belur, a friend and fellow foodie. So this is yet another reader suggested post. 🙂 Like Usha, who suggested the recipe for Kanda Kairi, Roopa and me have regular food related conversations. She is a treasure trove of traditional Kannada

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Kanda Kairi | Raw Mango and Onion Chutney from Maharashtra

Kanda Kairi is a super simple raw mango and onion chutney from the state of Maharashtra. I made this recipe at the request of Usha Chinmay, a regular follower of my blog. Over time, I have come to look forward to Usha’s comments. There are many reasons for this: She is a foodie

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Methi Paneer - Fenugreek and Cottage Cheese Recipe

Creamy Methi Paneer – Cottage Cheese with Fenugreek

This Methi Paneer recipe has become a favourite in my home. I am not too fond of the traditional Palak Paneer. I have tried a variation with Cashews in the gravy and that is a version I can live with. So I was looking for other greens that I could cook Paneer with

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Mammidi Allam Mukkalu | Manga Inji | Mango Ginger

Mammidi Allam Mukkalu! The very term makes my mouth water. Mammidi Allam (also known as Manga Inji or Mango Ginger) is a special type of ginger that has the aroma of raw mangoes. The simplest way to enjoy it is to pickle it for a day or two in lemon juice

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Rajasthani Kachi Haldi ki Sabzi | Fresh Turmeric Root Curry

A few weeks ago, I ordered Rajasthani Kachi Haldi ki Sabzi for lunch from one of the newly launched online food delivery services. It was love at first taste. I saved some of my lunch for my father and he loved the taste too. This was the reason I tried

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