Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer_Bhurji with Bell Peppers

Paneer Bhurji | Healthy, Low-Oil Version with Bell Peppers

My first reaction to this Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer Bhurji with Bell Peppers was simply how colourful and appetizing it was. It is indeed true that we eat with our eyes first. 🙂 And when I tasted this dish, I was simply floored at how delicious it was. For health reasons, I have been

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Dal made with Mayalu or Malabar Spinach

Bachali Kura Pappu | Andhra Malabar Spinach Dal

I am a great fan of green vegetables and they are used extensively in my home. One of my favourite green vegetables is Bachali Kura. We make loads of dishes with it and today I am writing about Bachali Kura Pappu or a dal made with it. Bachali Kura grows in

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Healthy, Low-Oil Gujarati Handvo: In a Pan and Appam Pan

Handvo can be best described as a traditional Gujarati savoury cake. It is made with a mix of dals and rice with lauki (bottle gourd) added to it for softness. Flavoured with green chilli-ginger paste, red chilli powder, lemon juice, and a touch of sugar, Handvo is a super-healthy. It is

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Narali Bhat | Sweet Coconut Rice from Maharashtra

Narali Bhaat | Sweet Coconut Rice from Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, Narali Bhaat is traditionally made for Narali Poornima. Also called Shravani Poornima, this day is of great significance to the Koli community (the fisher folk in Maharashtra) as it marks the end of monsoon and the start of the fishing season. On Narali Poornima, the Kolis offer Naral (as

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Grated Carrot Curry | Carrot Turumu Talimpu

Well, this Grated Carrot Curry is midway between a salad and a curry. I like it for its simplicity and the fact that it is so very easy to make. For me easy-to-make is a must on weekdays, as I often have to cook and leave for work! I also love this

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Steamed Methi Muthia

Steamed Methi Muthiya: A Healthy Delicious Snack from Gujarat

I like making Steamed Methi Muthiya for many reasons. First, I love fresh Methi (Fenugreek leaves) and try to use it in as many ways as possible. Second, I am on a weight-loss journey and am looking for healthy yet delicious snacks. Third, this recipe yields the perfect Methi Muthiya; firm yet crumbly,

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