Bengali Channar Payesh (Chennar Payesh) garnished with dry fruits

Chennar Payesh | Bengali Cottage Cheese Kheer | Paneer Kheer

Ugadi 2017 falls on March 29, 2017. On this day food rules the roost starting with traditional Ugadi Pachadi, and traditional favourites like Chintapandu Pulihora and Bellam Paramannam. As I was contemplating a “different type of payasam” I could make this day, I thought of the Bengali Chennar Payesh |

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Lady fingers in a tamarind gravy

Bendakaya Pulusu | Tangy Andhra Lady’s Finger Stew

Bendakaya Pulusu is a dish that my father is inordinately fond of. For him it is an integral part of his childhood memories and the food made by his mother. It is a dish that I learnt from Daddy and so it is dear to me too. Bendakaya (called Bhindi in Hindi,

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Ragi Ambli | Ragi Malt

Savoury Ragi Ambli | Ragi Malt: A Summer Cooler

Ragi Ambli (also called Ragi Malt) is one of those recipes that I forgot to blog about because it is oh-so-common in my home. Today, I was reminded of it by Pushpita of Pushpita’s Chakhum who requested the recipe. Pushipita’s blog is a treasure trove of Manipuri Recipes and I have been

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Pesara Sunni is a laddu made with Moong Dal in Andhra Pradesh

Pesara Sunni Undalu | Andhra Style Moong Dal Laddu

I have been lazy and lax about blogging in recent times and I am hoping to remedy that now. I am using the upcoming Telugu New Year celebrations on Ugadi (March 28, 2017) to give me the impetus. 🙂 My first post in this series is Pesara Sunni Undalu. Pesara

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Dadpe Pohe | A Snack from Maharashtra made with Poha, Tomato and Onion

Dadpe Pohe | A Healthy Snack from Maharashtra

Maharashtrians celebrate Poha or beaten rice like no other state in India. Kanda Pohe, Batata Pohe, Vangi Pohe, Kolache Pohe, Peas Poha … I can go on and on with the list of the recipes. Today it is the turn of another recipe called Dadpe Pohe. This is a simple recipe made

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