Avabaddalu | Mango Pieces Pickled in Mustard Green Chilli Paste

Avabaddalu | Instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle by Padma Desaraju

This recipe for Avabaddalu, an instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle, is something I learnt from my cousin Padma Desaraju this past weekend, when I visited her to see her newborn granddaughter (by extension my granddaughter too :)). Padma is a treasure trove of traditional Andhra cooking and a wonderful cook; someone

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Roasted Phool Makhana | Roasted Foxnuts | Roasted Lotus Seeds spiced with chilli powder

Spicy Roasted Phool Makhana | A Low Calorie Snack

I am a recent convert to the pleasures of Roasted Phool Makhana. I discovered this low-calorie, nutrient rich snack in my quest to lose weight and satiate those 4 PM hunger pangs. Called Fox Nuts, Gorgon Nuts or Lotus Seeds in English, Phool Makhana in rich in fibre, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus,

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Methkut Powder

Methkut | A Versatile Spice Powder from Maharashtra

Today, I am sharing the recipe for Methkut, a versatile spice powder from Maharashtra that can be savoured with plain rice and ghee as a complete meal, or then used to spice up vegetables, Ukad and the like. I first made Methkut several months ago when I needed it for Kolhapuri Bhadang,

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Panchmel Dal | Panchkuti Dal | Panchratna Dal is made with 5 lentils

Panchmel Dal | Panchkuti Dal | Panchratna Dal

I have been meaning to try Panchmel Dal | Panchkuti Dal | Panchratna Dal for a while now (ever since my trip of Rajasthan in the winter of last year) and finally made it this past weekend. As the name suggests, Panchratna Dal uses 5 different lentils. I used Chana Dal, Tuvar

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Dark Pindi Choley with No Onion and No Tomato

Pindi Chole | Recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur

This recipe for Pindi Chole was triggered by a discussion by the admin of a food group that I am a member of. Donna wanted to make “almost black” Chole and there were many suggestions including the traditional recommendations of using tea leaves, amla and iron vessels. Then Donna located this recipe

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