Bihari Litti Chokha | Baked, Stuffed Wheat Flour Balls Stuffed with a Spiced Mash of Potato, Aubergine, and Tomato

Litti Chokha | A Traditional Recipe from Bihar

What a wonderful month December has been! Lots of travel, lots of learning, and lots of work; one cannot ask for more. One of the many learnings this month was the wonderful cuisine from the state of Bihar and here I am with one of the recipes I tried; the

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Ulava Charu Biryani (Horse Gram Biryani) served with Dahi and Papad

Ulava Charu Biryani | Kollu Biryani | Horse Gram Biryani

Ulava Charu is a winter favourite in Andhra Pradesh and I absolutely love it. And then I saw the movie Ulava Charu Biryani (nothing to do with the biryani per se) and since then this idea of making this dish has been on my mind. Horse gram (called Ulavalu in Telugu,

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Chhena Gaja | Deep-Fried Freshly Made Cottage Cheese in Sugar Syrup

Chhena Gaja | A Traditional Sweet from Odisha

Today, I am presenting Chhena Gaja, an absolutely delicious and easy to make sweet from the  beautiful state of Odisha. From what I have read, it is the village of Pahala that excels in making this sweet. I first tasted this wonderful sweet in my childhood on my first trip

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Andhra Ava Pettina Kanda Bachali Koora

Andhra Ava Pettina Kanda Bachali Kura | Yam & Malabar Spinach with Mustard

Ava Pettina Kanda Bachali Kura is a classic Andhra dish that you will find on many a festive occasion (and otherwise too). It is a curry made with Elephant Foot Yam and Malabar Spinach, and flavoured with ground mustard. Ava Pettadam is a flavouring technique in Andhra that literally means

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Methi Dhebra served with yogurt

Methi Na Dhebra | Winter Recipe from Gujarat

No one excels at making snacks more than Gujaratis (well, it is a toss up between them and the Sindhis, who make excellent snacks as well). So today, I present Methi Na Dhebra, one of the lesser known Gujarati snacks. Made with Bajra flour and Methi leaves, Methi Na Dhebra is a

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Kesa Mithoi | Rice Flour Laddu with Jaggery from Assam

Kesa Mithoi | Rice Flour Laddu | Chawal ke Laddu from Assam

Here I am with this no-cook recipe for Kesa Mithoi,  a rice flour laddu from Assam that I have made using my dear friend Pushpita’s recipe. This is my first time tasting Chawal ke Laddu and I was delighted at how delicious they were. I have been meaning to try

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