A Piece of Tavsali | Goan Steamed Cucumber Cake

Kakdichi Tavsali | Tausali: An Eggless Steamed Cucumber Cake from Goa

This month I have been exploring vegetarian recipes from Goa and have lined up quite a few to try. So far, I have just tried one, Surnoli (Sweet Dosa with Rice Flour and Jaggery). Then yesterday, I made Tavsali (also pronounced as Tausali), a steamed eggless cucumber cake from Goa.

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Palak Paneer with Green Garlic Chives and Spring Onions

Saag Paneer with Palak, Hara Lasun & Hara Pyaaz: Recipe by Heena Jhanglani

I learnt this recipe for aromatic, delectable Saag Paneer (Palak Paneer) from Heena Jhanglani. Her daughter had carried just the curry base (without the Paneer) for lunch one day and told me it was just another type of Sai Bhaji (or a dish made with greens). I took that basic recipe

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Surnoli | Konkani Sweet Dosa

Surnoli | A Sweet Dosa from Saraswat Cuisine

Surnoli is a wonderful light-on-the-stomach sweet dosa made with rice, coconut and jaggery. From what I have read on the Internet, it is a part of the Saraswat cuisine and is quite a popular breakfast in Goa, Mangalore and other such regions where there is  a concentration of Saraswat Brahmins. What

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Senaga Pindi Pachadi for Idli

Andhra Senaga Pindi Pachadi | Bombay Chutney | Besan Chatni for Idli

One of my favourite breakfast items is soft, fluffy Idli, What can elevate this simple dumpling to a gastronomic delight is Senaga Pindi Pachadi (Besan ki Chutney | Gram Flour Chutney).  You will find this pachadi served often in many Andhra homes, but I have not seen it elsewhere. This chutney

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Maddur Vada | Deep-Fried Rice Flour and Semolina discs flavoured with onion and green chillies

Maddur Vada: A Delicious Tea-Time Snack from Karnataka

When I decide to try any recipe that involves deep-frying, there is quite a flutter in my home as I avoid deep-frying as much as possible. So this weekend as I got ready to make delicious Maddur Vada, I had quite an audience in amused family members. Jokes aside, I have

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A dessert made with poppy seeds

Khus Khus Halwa | Gasagasala Halwa | Post ka Halwa

Poppy seeds or Khus Khus (also called gasagasalu in Telugu) are known for their somnolent or sleep inducing properties. So, last week when my father was unwell and not sleeping to well, I made this Khus Khus Halwa for him.  As a bonus, since he likes sweets, it also made

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