Andhra Mammidikaya Nuvvula Pachadi | Raw Mango & Sesame Chutney

I love Mammidikaya Nuvvula Pachadi because it combines two of my favourite ingredients; sesame (nuvvulu) and unripe mango (mammidikaya). This pachadi has a nutty and sour flavour, and can be quite spicy if you add enough green chillies. I had first posted this recipe in 2012 and am now updating

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Neemki: A Himachali Mango Onion Pickle flavoured with fenugreek and carom seeds

Neemki | Instant Mango Pickle From Himachal Pradesh

Sometimes, simple recipes surprise you with the depth of flavour they deliver and this recipe for Neemki, an instant raw mango-onion pickle from Himachal Pradesh is one such instance. I came across this recipe from Neemki on a blog called Cooking from the queen of hills in my quest to mango pickles

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A Bowl of Mavinikai Saaru | Manga Rasam: A Soup made with raw mango

Mammdikaya Chaaru | Raw Mango Rasam | Manga Rasam | Mavinikayi Saaru

This year I have been on quite a mango binge making all kinds of pickles and accompaniments. (I am not done yet; I still have a recipe or two to try before the season is over.) Yesterday, I made this super simple and delicious Mammdikaya Chaaru or Raw Mango Rasam. Also

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Magai is an Andhra Mango Pickle flavoured with Fenugreek

Maagai | Magai | Magaya: Andhra Dried Mango Pickle

Summer means time for uragai and vadiyalu. While Avakai | Avakaya is the most famous of mango pickles from Andhra Pradesh, we have many others that are just as delicious. Today, I am presenting the recipe for Maagai (Maagaya | Magai), a pickle that needs the raw mango pieces to be

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Hing Aur Aam Ka Achar

Kacche Aam ka Hing Wala Achar | Instant Mango Pickle with Asafoetida

I love instant pickles because then I do not have to wait for the pickling. Today I present a super simple instant mango pickle from North India called Kacche Aam ka Hing Wala Achar. The double bonus for me here was the flavour of hing or asafoetida, a spice that I

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Deep-fried Budida Gummadikaya Vadiyalu | Sun-dried Ash Gourd Papad served with rice and dal

Andhra Budida Gummadikaya Vadiyalu | Sundried Ash Gourd Fryums

Budida Gummadikaya Vadiyalu is an art. Made well, these small Ash Gourd Wadis (Fryums/Small Papads) can be light as air and crunchy. Use too much batter and the vadiyalu turn rock hard and then any crunch you hear is most likely from a tooth or two cracking. 😀 😀 We

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