Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

In all Andhra meals, the first morsel is typically a pachadi/chutney or podi mixed with rice and ghee/sesame oil. This first morsel, called modati mudda, is said to get your digestive juices flowing and helping you digest the meal to follow. So we, will have a pachadi with almost every

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Pesara Pappu Pachadi | Pasi Paruppu Thogayal

Andhra Pesara Pappu Pachadi | Moong Dal Chutney | Pasi Paruppu Thogyal

Andhra Pradesh has a well-deserved reputation for its pachadis, podis, and uragayalu (pickles). I have not seen any other community make this unique Pesara Pappu Pachadi, an oh-so-simple pachadi made from Pesara Pappu, Moong Dal or Husked Green Gram. My father likes Pesara Pappu Pachadi a lot and so I make it for him

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Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi | Hotel Style Coconut Chutney

Hotel Style Coconut Chutney | Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi

Today, I present Hotel Style Coconut Chutney (called Kobbari Putnala Pappu Pachadi in Telugu). It is THE best kind of chutney, especially for Medu Vada | Garelu. In most households, the traditional coconut chutney rules the roost. However, it is cholesterol-laden and goes rancid very soon. Hotels cannot afford to keep

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Andhra Kandi Pachadi | Paruppu Thogayal | Andhra Style Tuvar Dal Chutney

Andhra Kandi Pachadi | Tuvar Dal Chutney | Paruppu Thoghayal

This is the recipe for Kandi Pachadi, a great favourite with my older maternal aunt, Lalita Dodda. What brought it one was a cleaning spree when I came across hand-written letters . My aunt and my mother had this great tradition of hand-written letters, and in her later years Dodda

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Ullipaya Pachadi | Andhra-Style Onion Chutney for Idli and Dosa

In my home, Idli and Dosa are staple breakfast items; generally served with Nalla Kharam or Molaga Podi on weekdays. On weekends, I have more time on hand and make some chutney or the other. This past weekend, I had made Ullipaya Pachadi or Andhra Style Onion Chutney as an

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Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi | Beerakaya Pottu Pachadi is made with the peel of ridge gourd.

Andhra Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi | Chutney with Ridge Gourd Peel

Beerakaya (called Ridge Gourd in English and Turai in Hindi) is one of my favourite vegetables. It is so soft, tender, and absolutely delicious. Apart from making Beerakaya Koora, we use the peel of to make a delicious Beerakaya Thokku Pachadi. The peel of the ridge gourd is rich in

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