Chak-hao Amubi Kheer | Manipuri Black Rice Kheer

Chak-Hao Amubi Kheer | Manipuri Black Rice Kheer | Forbidden Rice Pudding

Chak-Hao Amubi Kheer is the Manipuri Black Rice Kheer.

It is nutty, creamy, and absolutely delicious. The lovely purple colour sure adds to the charm. 🙂

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Kong Phirin | Suji Kesar Phirni from Kashmir | Semolina Saffron Pudding

Kong Phirin | Kashmiri Suji Kesar Phirni

While the traditional Phirni in North India is made with ground rice, in Kashmir it is made with Suji, Rava or Semolina. Flavoured with Saffron, THE aromatic that Kashmir is famous for, Kong Phirin is a creamy and light dessert that is a great way to finish off a heavy

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Palada Pradhaman – Onam Special Recipe from Kerala

Palada Pradhaman is a delicious traditional kheer (milk pudding) made with ada or steamed rice flour flakes.

This time around, I even made the Ada at home.

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Mahalabia – An Arabic Milk Pudding – Ramzan Special

One of the absolute blessings associated with blogging is the whole new world of food that has opened up for me. Before I started blogging a couple of years ago, my exposure to Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean,  and African food was really limited. Largely because I belaboured under the notion that the food from

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Riskrem – Christmassy Rice Pudding from Norway

I first visited Norway in the 2nd week of December 2007, when Christmas festivities were in the air. I landed in Oslo to about 30 cm of snow and temperatures of -12°C. It was a magical experience; everything around me, as far as the eye could see was covered in

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I made this today and it was beyond delicious! I would recommend that everyone tries it at least once (after that you will not be able to stop :-)) thank you, Sadia, for a fabulous treat…..

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