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Mahalabia – An Arabic Milk Pudding – Ramzan Special

One of the absolute blessings associated with blogging is the whole new world of food that has opened up for me. Before I started blogging a couple of years ago, my exposure to Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean,  and African food was really limited. Largely because I belaboured under the notion that the food from

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Ksheerannam (Rich Rice and Milk Pudding)

Today was the first day of Sharada Navaratri and what a lovely day it was. Today, I made Ksheerannam for naivedyam. Ksheerannam is a solider version of the Pal Payasam as it uses much more rice and is also richer than Paravannam, a lighter milk-and-rice puddingmade in Andhra Pradesh. It

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