Dahi Sabudana | Tapoica Pearls soaked in yogurt

Dahi Sabudana | Upvas Recipe from Maharashtra

Today, I present the recipe for Dahi Sabudana, a super simple and delicious dish that is eaten on days of fasting in Maharashtra. This recipe also heralds the start of my participation in the Foodie Monday Bloghop. This is a group of talented bloggers who post recipes centered around a member-suggested

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Samo Rice Upma, Samo Rice Pulav, Varai Pulav

Varai Pulav | Samai Pulao | Samo Rice Upma

I made Varyache Tandul and Danyachi Amti for Ashadi Ekadashi and has a bit of Samo Rice or Varai leftover. Then my friend Aparna made Samo Rice Upma with it the same afternoon and I thought what a great idea. You could have also called it Samo Rice Pulao | Varai

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Dahi Wale Aloo – Vrat or Fasting Recipe – Guest Post by Kiran Jalan

If there is a super fan of this blog, it is Kiran Jalan. She has been an evangelist for this blog like no other. And yes, it thrills me to bits to hear from Kiran. 🙂 That is enough about this blog; let me introduce Kiran. Kiran is one of most unassuming people

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Rajgira Halwa - Amaranth Flour Halva

Rajgira Halwa or Sheera Without Milk (Amaranth Flour Halva) – Navratri Vrat Recipe

Last week I had posted the recipe for Shinghare ke Atte ka Halwa by Heena Jhanglani. This week I happened to taste Rajgira Halwa made by Mrs. Jhanglani. While that version used milk, I made another version yesterday that uses water instead of milk. Rajgira or Amaranth Flour is one of the many ingredients

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Singhare ke Atta ka Halwa (Halva with Water Chestnut Flour) – Navratri Vrat Recipe – Guest Post by Heena Jhanglani

Shinghare ke Atta ka Halwa (Halva with Water Chestnut Flour) – Navratri Vrat Recipe – Guest Post by Heena Jhanglani

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Sabudana Vada: Low Oil Version in a Paniyaram Pan | Ebelskiver Pan

Sabudana Vada – Low Oil Version in a Paniyaram or Ebelskiver Pan

A perfect, guilt-free way to enjoy a traditional favorite.

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