Kadale Kalu Saaru or Kala Chana Rasam

Kadale Kalu Saaru | Chane Saaru | Kala Chana Rasam

Kadale Kalu Saaru is a traditional recipe from Konkani cuisine that uses Kala Chana (black chickpeas or bengal gram) as the main ingredient.

Also called Chane Saaru, it is flavoured with Coconut, chillies and tamarind.

A simple and rich-in-flavour accompaniment with rice.

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Taushe Bhakri | Cucumber Rotti served with Molaga Podi

Taushe Bhakri | Cucumber Bhakri | Cucumber Rotti

Taushe Bhakri | Cucumber Rotti is a traditional Konkani breakfast.

You can make this dish quickly because all you need to do is mix together grated cucumber, grated coconut, rava, chillies, green chillies, salt and touch of sugar to make the batter. No fermenting required.

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Dalithoy is Konkani Dal made with Tuvar Dal

Dalithoy | Konkani Style Tempered Dal by Anupama Michael

A couple of days ago I posted Anupama’s recipe for Sanna Polo and today I present her recipe for Dalithoy, which I made as an accompaniment for the Sanna Polo. This Konkani-style tempered Dal is meets the very definition of comfort food (as do most traditional dals), and makes for

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Sanna Polo | Spicy Dosa from Konkani Cuisine

Sanna Polo: Crisp, Spicy Dosa from GSB Cuisine | Recipe by Anupama Michael

When Anupama messaged me the other day to ask if I have tried Sanna Polo, I knew I was about to receive yet another wonderful recipe from her. And what a find this traditional Konkani dosa has been; it was crisp, it was spicy, and just the perfect accompaniment to

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Surnoli | Konkani Sweet Dosa

Surnoli | A Sweet Dosa from Saraswat Cuisine

Surnoli is a wonderful light-on-the-stomach sweet dosa made with rice, coconut and jaggery. From what I have read on the Internet, it is a part of the Saraswat cuisine and is quite a popular breakfast in Goa, Mangalore and other such regions where there is  a concentration of Saraswat Brahmins. What

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Hinga Chutney - The popular Coconut Asafoetida Chutney from Konkan

Hinga Chutney | Coconut Asafoetida Chutney: A Konkani Recipe

I have been meaning to try this Konkani recipe for Hinga Chutney for a while now. I love both the main ingredients of this chutney Coconut and Asafoetida. This chutney is different from the usual variations of Coconut Chutney; be it the simple Coconut Chutney for Idli and Dosa, the

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