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Jwaaricha Peethacha Upma is a savoury dish made with Sorghum Flour Upma

Jwaaricha Peethacha Upma | Jowar Flour Upma | Sorghum Upma

Jwaaricha Peethacha Upma (Jowar Flour Upma | Sorghum Upma) is a recipe from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is a great way to incorporate Jowar into your diet; apart from making the ever-popular Bhakri, Sorghum Dosa, or Thepla. I have been trying to incorporate as much of millets as I

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Narali Bhat | Sweet Coconut Rice from Maharashtra

Narali Bhaat | Sweet Coconut Rice from Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, Narali Bhaat is traditionally made for Narali Poornima. Also called Shravani Poornima, this day is of great significance to the Koli community (the fisher folk in Maharashtra) as it marks the end of monsoon and the start of the fishing season. On Narali Poornima, the Kolis offer Naral (as

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Methiche Pitle | Methi Pitla

Methi Pithla | Methiche Pithle (Vegan Gluten-Free Recipe)

Pithla is a simple rustic curry made with besan (gram flour) in rural Maharashtra. You can make Pithla is many ways; plain with just besan, or add vegetables such as onions or drumsticks (Shevgyachya Shenganche Pithla | Drumstick Pithla). This time I made it with fresh fenugreek leaves and the result

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Vangyachi Bharit | Maharashtrian Style Baingan Bharta

Vangyachi Bharit | Baingan Bharta from Maharashtra

I absolutely love the smoky flavour of roasted Brinjal and try to use it in as many ways as I can. One of my favourite dishes is Vangyachi Bharit,  the Maharashtrian-style Baingan Bharta. Made with roasted eggplant, onion and tomato, and flavoured with garlic and green chillies, this dish is a great

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