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Farali Misal - Vrat ka Khana - Fasting Recipes - Upwas ka Khana

Farali Misal – A Recipe for Ekadashi Fasts from Maharashtra

A popular “fasting” dish that I have found on many a menu in traditional Maharahstrian eateries is Farali Misal. This is a delicious, easy-to-make, spicy potato-peanut based stew topped with some crunchy sweetish farali potato chivda.

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Kothambir Vadi | Coriander Fritters from Maharashtra | A Low Oil Version

  Kothambir Vadi or fritters made with Coriander (Kothmir) and chickpea flour (besan) is a great tea-time favourite is Maharashtra. I was reminded of it when one of my team member’s wives sent me some. Her version was loaded with Coriander and oh-so-crumbly-and-light and this is what I made last weekend. Kothambir Vadi could be

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Tomato Omelette | Vegetarian Omlet

Tomato Omelette | Vegetarian Omelet: A Maharashtrian Favourite

One thing about vegetarians in India is that we think up of a vegetarian alternative for every non-vegetarian dish. The Tomato Omelette (also known as Vegetarian Omelet because of its “looks”) is Maharashtra’s answer to the traditional egg omelette. You will find it on many a menu and is traditionally served

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Til Poli | Til Gul Poli – Sankranti Special from Maharashtra

Tilgul Kha, God God Bola (Eat Tilgul and speak sweetly) is the traditional Marathi greeting for Sankranti (or Sankrant as it is called in Maharashtra). The Tilgul in this greeting is the Til ka Laddoo, which is a must in Sankranti celebrations in Maharashtra. The word Tilgul literally means Sesame (Til) and Jaggery (Gul).

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Hirvi Mirchi Cha Thecha – A Super Spicy Green Chilli Chutney from Maharashtra

Last Sunday, we had sweets throughout the day (Ksheerannam from the temple, Moong Dal Halwa that I made, and Jalebis that Daddy bought). By evening, we were craving something spicy and so I thought of Hirvi Mirchi Cha Thecha. This spicy green chilly chutney is a great favourite in Maharashtra is

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