Neemki: A Himachali Mango Onion Pickle flavoured with fenugreek and carom seeds

Neemki | Instant Mango Pickle From Himachal Pradesh

Sometimes, simple recipes surprise you with the depth of flavour they deliver and this recipe for Neemki, an instant raw mango-onion pickle from Himachal Pradesh is one such instance. I came across this recipe from Neemki on a blog called Cooking from the queen of hills in my quest to mango pickles

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Magai is an Andhra Mango Pickle flavoured with Fenugreek

Maagai | Magai | Magaya: Andhra Dried Mango Pickle

Summer means time for uragai and vadiyalu. While Avakai | Avakaya is the most famous of mango pickles from Andhra Pradesh, we have many others that are just as delicious. Today, I am presenting the recipe for Maagai (Maagaya | Magai), a pickle that needs the raw mango pieces to be

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Small pieces of mango pickled in a mustard-chilli-fenugreek paste

Menthi Baddalu | Menthi Mukkalu | Instant Mango Pickle from Andhra

I make this instant mango pickle from Andhra Pradesh called Menthi Mukkalu (Menthi Baddalu) so many times but have never written about it. So when I made it the day before yesterday, I made it a point to take pictures and here I am today with this recipe. In Andhra

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Uppu Manga | Uppu Mavinikai | Khalle Ambo

Khalle Ambo | Uppu Manga | Uppu Mavinikai | Mangoes in Brine: A Recipe by Anupama Michael

I am back with Khalle Ambo | Uppu Manga | Mangoes in Brine, another gem of a recipe by Anupama Micheal. (I am starting to believe this friend of mine deserves a category all by herself on my blog.) It all started in a food group that I am a

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Avabaddalu | Mango Pieces Pickled in Mustard Green Chilli Paste

Avabaddalu | Instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle by Padma Desaraju

This recipe for Avabaddalu, an instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle, is something I learnt from my cousin Padma Desaraju this past weekend, when I visited her to see her newborn granddaughter (by extension my granddaughter too :)). Padma is a treasure trove of traditional Andhra cooking and a wonderful cook; someone

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Fresh Green Pepper Pickle

Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle in Lemon Juice | Kurumilagu Urugai

Pickling tender green peppers in lemon juice is something we learnt from my erstwhile neighbours. The Subramaniams were our neighbours for over 15 years. Subramaniam Aunty was from a proper Tamil Iyer family while Subramaniam Uncle was from a Palakkad Iyer family. Both were foodies to the core and used to invite us over to

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