Hmarcha Rawt | Green Chilli Chutney from Mizoram

Hmarcha Rawt | Green Chilli Chutney from Mizoram

Hmarcha Rawt is a spicy green chilli, ginger, and onion chutney from Mizoram.

It is normally eaten with rice, but is a great flavouring agent for raita too.

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Andhra Senaga Pindi Pachadi served with Rava Dosa

Senaga Pindi Pachadi | Andhra Besan Chutney for Dosa

We Andhras are very fond of our Senaga Pindi Pachadi (Besan Chutney).

This version of Senaga Pindi Pachadi is THE accompaniment for Rava Dosa and Godhuma Dosa for me.

Do try it and you will know why!

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Uppu Manga Chamanthi is a Coconut and Brined Mango Chutney from Kerala

Uppu Manga Chamanthi | Coconut and Brined Mango Chutney from Kerala

Having brined mangoes at home means we can enjoy raw mango recipes through the year.

Today, I am presenting the recipe for Uppu Manga Chamanthi from Kerala.

This spicy, tangy coconut and brined mango and coconut chutney is absolutely delicious when eaten with rice, or even idli or dosa.

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Andhra Allam Pachadi

Allam Pachadi | Andhra Ginger Chutney

Allam Pachadi is ginger chutney as made in Andhra Pradesh. In many homes and eateries in Andhra, you will find this sweet, spicy, and piquant chutney being served with idlis and dosas.

Allam Pachadi is the favoured accompaniment for Pesarattu and Garelu (Vadas).

Made with ginger and flavoured with jaggery, and chillies, Allam Pachadi is always in a class of its own.

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Andhra Dondakaya Pachadi is a chutney made with ivy gourd and peanuts.

Andhra Dondakaya Pachadi | Kovakkai Thogayal by Satya Rapaka

While I had seen recipes for Dondakaya Pachadi, none excited me enough to try them till my cousin, Satya Rapaka, shared her recipe.

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Andhra Nuvvula Pachadi | Ellu Thuvaiyal

Nuvvula Pachadi | Andhra Sesame Chutney | Til ka Chutney

Nuvvulu or Sesame Seed is one of my favourite flavours, and I use the seeds or the roasted, spiced sesame powder (Nuvvula Podi) liberally in my cooking. I also mix Nuvvula Podi with rice topped with sesame oil or then make this spicy Andhra Sesame Seeds Chutney that we call

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