Mammidikaya Pappu | Andhra Mango Dal

Mammidikaya Pappu | Andhra Style Raw Mango Dal

Mammidikaya Pappu was the first recipe I posted on the blog and what a journey it has been since. The reason I chose this recipe on that fateful day was that it is a family favourite and this blog was meant to be an aide-memoire for recipes from my extended

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Chukka Kura Pappu with rice and brinjal stir-fry

Andhra Chukka Kura Pappu | Dal with Ambat Chukka/Khatta Bhaji

I love the tangy taste of Chukka Kura or Ambat Chukka (also known in Mumbai as Khatta Bhaji). This is a green leafy vegetable that is mildly sour in taste and is found very commonly in Mumbai. It is also used in the popular Sindhi Sai Bhaji. In Andhra Pradesh, we

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Dal made with Mayalu or Malabar Spinach

Bachali Kura Pappu | Andhra Malabar Spinach Dal

I am a great fan of green vegetables and they are used extensively in my home. One of my favourite green vegetables is Bachali Kura. We make loads of dishes with it and today I am writing about Bachali Kura Pappu or a dal made with it. Bachali Kura grows in

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Hare Lehsun ki Dal – Winter Special

Winter brings with it an assortment of vegetables that are otherwise not available. One of the vegetables I look forward to in this season is Fresh Green Garlic or Hara Lehsun. I use it to flavour every savoury dish I find. I love the aroma that green garlic imparts to dishes; it

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Radhaballavi with Cholar Dal – Guest Post by Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight

This absolutely delicious guest post comes from Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight. While Jayeeta writes about a variety of foods, I am particularly partial to her Bengali food recipes. I have an inexplicable connection to Bengalis. Well, honestly, not all of it is inexplicable. My aunt, whom I called Dodda,

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Lasooni Dal (Garlicky Lentils)

For the past 2 weeks, for some strange reason, I have been under the weather. I say some strange reason because, as a rule, I don’t fall ill, and even when I do, I recover very fast. It is after almost 2 decades that I have been ill for over

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