Gokulashtami, Janmashtami, Krishna Jayanti Recipes

Recipes for Gokulashtami | Krishnashtami | Sri Krishna Jayanti | Krishna Janmashtami

Gokulashtami Recipes with Aval | Poha | Avalakki
Doodh Poha in a silver bowl on a dark green saree
Doodh Poha
Sihi Avalakki, Goda Phovu or God Pohe - Krishna Janmashtami, Gokulashtami, Krishna Jayanti Naivedyam and Prasadam
Sihi Avalakki | Goda Phovu | God Pohe
Atukulu Bellam, Vella Aval, Jaggery Poha - Krishna Jayanthi Naivedyam or Gokulashtami Naivedyam
Bellam Atukulu | Vella Aval
Kobbari Atukulu | Aval Thengai Sadam
Kobbari Atukulu | Aval Thengai Sadam
Mosaru Avalakki, Atukula Dadojjanam, Thayir Aval, or Dahi Poha
Mosaru Avalakki | Atukula Dadojjanam
Atukula Paramannam or Aval Payasam or Pradhaman with Sugar
Atukula Paramannam | Aval Payasam
Puli Aval | Chintapandu Atukula Pulihora
Puli Aval | Chintapandu Atukula Pulihora
Nimmakaya Atukula Pulihora - Elumichai Aval
Nimmakaya Atukula Pulihora | Elumichai Aval
Payasam Recipes for Gokulashtami
Paal or Pal Payasam
Pal Payasam
Palada Pradhaman
Vegan Gasagasala Payasam, Gasagasala Payasam, Khus Khus Kheer, Poppy Seeds Kheer
Gasagasala Payasam | Gasagase Payasam
Badam Payasam or Badam Kheer
Badam Payasam | Badam Kheer
Ada Pradhaman for Onam and Vishu
Ada Pradhaman
Carrot Payasam, Carrot Kheer, Gajar ki Kheer
Carrot Payasam | Carrot Kheer
Recipes for Other Sweets Made on Krishna Jayanti
Therattipal | Palkova
Therattipal | Palkova
Kunda from Belgaum, Karnataka
Belgavi Kunda
Dharwad Pedha or Mathura Peda
Dharwad Pedha | Mathura Peda
Badam Halwa Recipe
Badam Halwa
Pachi Chalimidi - Naivedyam for Rama Navami, Navaratri, Varalakshmi Pooja, Seemantham
Pachi Chalimidi | Akki Thambittu
Mysore Pak
Masala Milk or Masala Doodh
Masala Milk | Masala Doodh
Recipes for Savouries for Krishna Janmashtami
Palakayalu or Crispy Rice Flour Balls - Gokulashtami or Krishna Janmashtami Special
Tattai | Chekkalu
Chegodi or Rice Flour Rings
Chegodi | Ring Murukku
Krishnashtami (also called Gokulashtami or Krishna Jayanti) is the day Lord Sri Krishna was born. This year the date is August 25, 2016.

Sri Krishna is said to be fond of Atukulu (beaten rice, aval, avalakki or poha) as also milk and milk products such as butter and yogurt. As a result, it is customary to offer these as naivedyam on Gokulashtami.

In addition, because this festival celebrates Krishna as a child, there are also other sweets and savouries that are offered as naivedyam.

Here is a list of some Sri Krishna Jayanti, Krishnastami, or Gokulashtami Naivedyam Recipes:


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