Andhra Cabbage Kura

Cabbage Kura | Andhra Style Cabbage Curry

Cabbage Kura is Andhra’s version of the Muttaikose Poriyal, with the exception that we do not use coconut.

Cabbage Kura is an excellent accompaniment to Sambara Rice or even Curd Rice.

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Andhra Senaga Pindi Pachadi served with Rava Dosa

Senaga Pindi Pachadi | Andhra Besan Chutney for Dosa

We Andhras are very fond of our Senaga Pindi Pachadi (Besan Chutney).

This version of Senaga Pindi Pachadi is THE accompaniment for Rava Dosa and Godhuma Dosa for me.

Do try it and you will know why!

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Vankaya Kothimeera Kharam from Andhra Pradesh

Vankaya Kothimeera Kharam | Andhra Brinjal Stir-fry with Coriander, Green Chilli and Ginger Masala

Vankaya Kothimeera Kharam is a traditional Andhra recipe for stir-fried brinjals flavoured with a coriander-green chilli-ginger paste.

I love the spiciness of the stir-fry and it tastes awesome when mixed with some steamed rice. 🙂

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Slices of Fresh Turmeric Root and Mango Ginger Pickled in Lemon Juice

Fresh Turmeric Root and Mango Ginger Pickle in Lemon Juice

Do try this delicious and easy to make Fresh Turmeric Root and Mango Ginger Pickle in Lemon Juice.

Not only is it delicious, it is also medicinal and will keep winter ailments at bay.

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Vankaya Kura | Andhra Brinjal Fry

Menthi Podi Veysina Vankaya Kura | Andhra Brinjal Fry with Fenugreek Flavour

Menthi Podi Veysina Vankaya Kura is a Andhra-style Brinjal fry that is spiced with a fenugreek flavoured lentil powder.

It tastes best with baby brinjals but can be made with thin, long, purple brinjals.

The best part is that the stir-fry is that it gets done in about 30 minutes and is simply delicious.

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Chama Dumpa Vepudu | Crispy Arbi Fry from Andhra Pradesh

Chama Dumpa Vepudu | Crispy Andhra Arbi Fry

Crispy vegetable stir-fries have a special place in my heart. I absolutely love crisp fried potato, fried yam, and fried raw banana with my sambar rice and curd rice.

Also high on this list is fried arbi (taro root fry | colocassia fry). It is a great way to enjoy this vegetable that can otherwise become a slimy mess when cooked.

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