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A Collection of Instant Mango Pickles

I love pickles and often do not have the patience to wait for the pickling process to be completed. For me instant mango pickles are a lifesaver because I can make them on a whim and enjoy them immediately.

This a collection of instant mango pickles made in various states of India including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Himachal Pradesh.

I will keep adding to this collection as and when I post more recipes.


Avakai | Avakaya: The Famous Andhra Mango and Mustard Pickle

Avakai or Avakaya is a pickle synonymous with Andhra Pradesh. This mango and mustard pickle is spic, tangy and has a liberal hit of mustard making it an absolute delight when mixed with plain rice or then served as a side for Mudda Pappu Annam (plain dal rice) or Perugu Annam (curd rice).

Learn to make the perfect Avakai with this recipe that includes loads of tips.