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A Roundup of Egg Curries

My family loves eggs. Enough said. As a result, we are often on the look out for new egg-based recipes. 🙂 As I was going through my posts, I realised that I already have quite a few egg-based recipes here and decided to create a roundup as I am wont to do. Anda Bhurji or...


Radhaballavi with Cholar Dal – Guest Post by Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight

This absolutely delicious guest post comes from Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight. While Jayeeta writes about a variety of foods, I am particularly partial to her Bengali food recipes. I have an inexplicable connection to Bengalis. Well, honestly, not all of it is inexplicable. My aunt, whom I called Dodda, was married to a Bengali and wholeheartedly adapted...