A Piece of Tavsali | Goan Steamed Cucumber Cake

Kakdichi Tavsali | Tausali: An Eggless Steamed Cucumber Cake from Goa

This month I have been exploring vegetarian recipes from Goa and have lined up quite a few to try. So far, I have just tried one, Surnoli (Sweet Dosa with Rice Flour and Jaggery). Then yesterday, I made Tavsali (also pronounced as Tausali), a steamed eggless cucumber cake from Goa.

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Amlechi Uddamethi - Raw Mango Curry with Coconut, Udad Dal and Methi from Goa

Amlechi Uddamethi – A Recipe from Goa

I am crazy about mangoes; ripe and unripe. All through summer they are the main source of sustenance for me. While we Mammidikaya Pappu or Andhra Style Raw Mango Dal almost every week, I also look for some other recipes that use mangoes as the key ingredient. As a result, you will

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Eggless Goan Baath Cake (Semolina Coconut Cake) – Bake Without Oven by Sandra Gonsalvez

Today, I am pleased to present a wonderful Christmas cake called the Goan Baath Cake by Sandra Gonsalves. As the name suggests, this Semolina and Coconut cake recipe is from Goa. Sandra has also made this vegetarian Eggless Goan Baath Cake and baked it without an oven. This post also comes at the perfect time

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