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Turiya Muthia nu Shaak from Gujarat

I love Methi Muthia and got a packet of fried Methi Muthias last week, just to munch on. Then as I was idly browsing what one can do with Muthias, I came several recipes of Muthia being used in curries. The one that caught my eye was Turiya Muthia nu Shaak because it used ridge...


Methi Na Dhebra | Winter Recipe from Gujarat

No one excels at making snacks more than Gujaratis (well, it is a toss up between them and the Sindhis, who make excellent snacks as well). So today, I present Methi Na Dhebra, one of the lesser known Gujarati snacks. Made with Bajra flour and Methi leaves, Methi Na Dhebra is a snack made in winter because...