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Turiya Muthia nu Shaak from Gujarat

I love Methi Muthia and got a packet of fried Methi Muthias last week, just to munch on. Then as I was idly browsing what one can do with Muthias, I came several recipes of Muthia being used in curries. The one that caught my eye was Turiya Muthia nu Shaak because it used ridge...


Methi Na Dhebra | Winter Recipe from Gujarat

No one excels at making snacks more than Gujaratis (well, it is a toss up between them and the Sindhis, who make excellent snacks as well). So today, I present Methi Na Dhebra, one of the lesser known Gujarati snacks. Made with Bajra flour and Methi leaves, Methi Na Dhebra is a snack made in winter because...


Doodh Poha | A Recipe from Maharashtra and Gujarat

This week’s theme for the Foodie Monday Blog Hop is Cooking Without Fire, chosen by our fellow blogger Preethi Prasad of Preethi’s Cuisine. For this theme I have chosen Doodh Poha, a super simple dish made for Kojagiri Purnima (aka Sharad Poornima) in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Doodh Poha is essentially Poha soaked in sweetened milk and...