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Doodh Poha | A Recipe from Maharashtra and Gujarat

This week’s theme for the Foodie Monday Blog Hop is Cooking Without Fire, chosen by our fellow blogger Preethi Prasad of Preethi’s Cuisine. For this theme I have chosen Doodh Poha, a super simple dish made for Kojagiri Purnima (aka Sharad Poornima) in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Doodh Poha is essentially Poha soaked in sweetened milk and...


Bajrichi Bhakri | Bajra Bhakri | Bajra Roti

Bajra Roti (a flat bread made with Pearl Millet flour) is very popular in the Western Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Called Bajrichi Bhakri in Maharashtra, this roti is made often in winter as Bajra generate heat in the body. Bajra Bhakri is much thicker than the regular roti and is eaten warm as it tends to become just a...


Methi Thepla – A Popular Gujarati Special Roti

Methi Thepla is to travellers in Gujarat what Pulihora (Puliyodarai) and Daddojanam (Thayir Sadam) are to South Indians. A roti made with wheat flour, yogurt, oil, and loads of fresh fenugreek leaves, it stays fresh for 3-4 days. The trick to making it last is to use oil liberally in the dough and while cooking a Thepla....


Dal Dhokli – A Gujarati Recipe

Now that winter is showing signs of setting in, I am looking forward to making a range of soups and other warmers. I was thinking of soups to try when when I suddenly thought of Dal Dhokli, that wonderful soupy dish from Gujarat. If there is one Gujarati dish I can eat all the time, it...


Deep-fried Methi Muthia | Gujarati Recipe

This week I made Undhiyu and needed Methi Muthia for that. Truth be told, I could eat Muthia by itself and by the tons. So I try to resist temptation and keep myself away from them. However, Undhiyu is not Undhiyu without some Methi Muthia and so here we are! There are two types of Muthia; the...