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Beans Carrot Poriyal | Beans Carrot Thoran

Summer heat always makes me want to eat light food.  In such a season, poriyal (as it is called in Tamil Nadu) or thoran (as it is called in Kerala) is what I want to eat. Poriyal or Thoran essentially consists of steamed vegetables garnished with grated coconut. Among other vegetables, you can make this dish...


Egg Curry with Coconut Milk

By now, regular readers of this blog must have figured out that I like egg curry. 🙂 So here is another one, simpler than the earlier recipes I have posted but even more delicious, if possible. This version of the egg curry is claimed by people of both Kerala and Goa as their own. Whichever Indian...


Kerala Egg Roast

I have this fascination for curries that involve boiled eggs. So when Sridevi of Coconut Craze posted the recipe for an Egg curry/ Egg roast/Spicy egg masala, I had to try it. This is also turning out to be the year of “everything to do with Kerala” for me so the fact that this recipe for Kerala Egg Roast had an...


Kadala Curry (Black Chickpea Curry)

Kadala Curry is one of those all-time Kerala dishes that can be eaten with rice, roti, appam, and of course, the traditional favourite, puttu. It is simple to make and oh-so-flavourful that I could eat Kadala Curry by itself. Ingredients Kadala, Senagalu, or Clack Chickpea – 2 Cups Madras Onions – 6 Grated Coconut – 1/2...



This week I fulfilled a life long dream of going to Kerala. Strange as it is, while I have travelled a great deal within India and across the world, I have never been to Kerala. To make up, I will be going to Kerala 3 times in 4 months this year. 🙂 My first glimpse...