Suji Kakara Pitha: Deep-fried semolina balls with coconut stuffing

Suji Kakara Pitha from Odisha

While I have always known that Odisha was famous for its sweets like its neighbour Bengal, the range of the sweets has come as a revelation after I started blogging. This week, I got the chance to try another traditional Odisha sweet called Suji Kakara Pitha, thanks to the Recipe

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Chhena Poda is a baked paneer cake from Odisha

Chhena Poda | Baked Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Cake from Odisha

My list of recipes to try is a mile long and seems to get longer by the day as I discover new cuisines and dishes. In recent times, Odia cuisine has caught my interest and I am now determined to explore this culinary tradition. So here comes the recipe for Chhena

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Chhena Gaja | Deep-Fried Freshly Made Cottage Cheese in Sugar Syrup

Chhena Gaja | A Traditional Sweet from Odisha

Today, I am presenting Chhena Gaja, an absolutely delicious and easy to make sweet from the  beautiful state of Odisha. From what I have read, it is the village of Pahala that excels in making this sweet. I first tasted this wonderful sweet in my childhood on my first trip

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