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Sai Bhaji – A Sindhi Specialty

  Greens are a staple in my home; whether used in dal or as dry sabzis. To alleviate boredom, I try to cook the greens in different ways. This week, I made Sai Bhaji, a Sindhi Specialty with the help of two of my  Sindhi colleagues; Roshni Sharma and Nikita Jhanglani. Both of them gave me...


Sev Burfi or Singhar Ji Barfi – A Sindhi Sweet – Diwali Special Recipe

Singhar ji Barfi or as it is often called Sev Burfi is a very famous Sindhi sweet. I was introduced to it while I was studying for my engineering degree by my friend Bindu Kodwaney. One Diwali she took me to this wonderful place called Tharu Sweets in Bandra, Mumbai and introduced me to this wonderful, wonderful sweet one...