Sambhar Wadi from Vidarbha

Sambhar Wadi is a specialty of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

These are parcels made with a besan-based dough stuffed with a spiced coriander filling. Simply amazing when dunked in some Kadhi.

Tuvar Ringan Nu Shaak | Baingan Aur Tuvar ki Sabzi by Mohna Parate

Freshly harvested pigeon pea (tuvar) abounds in winter is the centerpiece of this wonderful sabzi called Baingan Aur Tuvar ki Sabzi (called Tuvar Ringan nu Shaak in Gujarati). I learnt this recipe from my friend Mohna Parate and is made in the inimitable Nagpur style that she is famous for. Like all Mohna’s everyday recipes, this is an uncomplicated recipe that highlights the ingredients in it and does not need a lot of effort to make (except shelling the tuvar; a task I outsourced :D). Coming back to this recipe for Tuvar Ringan Nu Shaak, the saga began with Mohna...