Mammidikaya Pappu | Andhra Mango Dal

Mammidikaya Pappu | Andhra Style Raw Mango Dal

Mammidikaya Pappu was the first recipe I posted on the blog and what a journey it has been since. The reason I chose this recipe on that fateful day was that it is a family favourite and this blog was meant to be an aide-memoire for recipes from my extended

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Konkani Style Mango Dal or Ambe Daali

Ambe Daali | Konkani Style Mango Dal

Mammidikaya Pappu or Andhra Style Raw Mango Dal was the very first recipe that I posted when I started the blog. And as is wont with something new I told all my friends that I had started a blog. One of the many who visited my blog was my friend Almas. The

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