Fresh Green Pepper Pickle

Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle in Lemon Juice | Kurumilagu Urugai

Tender Green Pepper Pickled in Lemon Juice
Tender Green Pepper Pickle

Pickling tender green peppers in lemon juice is something we learnt from my erstwhile neighbours. The Subramaniams were our neighbours for over 15 years. Subramaniam Aunty was from a proper Tamil Iyer family while Subramaniam Uncle was from a Palakkad Iyer family. Both were foodies to the core and used to invite us over to taste absolutely yummy stuff. 🙂

Subramaniam Aunty taught my mom to pickle Tender Green Peppercorn in Lemon Juice and it has become a staple in our home. A couple of days ago when I saw fresh green peppercorns in the market, I could not but give in to the temptation of making this delicious Green Pepper Pickle.

How to Make Tender Peppercorn Pickle | Fresh Green Pepper Pickle

Making Time:  45 Mins

Pickling Time: 2 weeks

Equipment: Air-tight glass bottle with a wide mouth (at least 250 ml capacity)


  1. Tender Green Pepper on Stem – 100 gms
  2. Salt – 3 tbsp
  3. Lemon Juice – 1 to 1.25 Cup


  1. Ensure that you have a completely dry glass bottle
  2. Wash the tender pepper and pat with a cotton cloth.
  3. Set aside the tender pepper to dry completely. Do not separate the peppercorn from the stem.
  4. Place the peppercorn in a large glass or ceramic bowl.

    Tender Green Pepper | Fresh Green Pepper
    Tender Green Pepper | Fresh Green Pepper
  5. Pour the lemon juice over the peppercorns.
  6. Add the salt.

    Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle
    Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle
  7. Using a dry spoon mix well and set aside for 1 hour.

    Fresh Green Pepper Pickle
    Fresh Green Pepper Pickle
  8. Transfer the peppercorns with the lemon juice and any residual salt into a dry glass bottle.
  9. Ensure that all the pepper is submerged/completely covered in the lemon juice.
  10. Close the bottle and set aside to pickle for 1 to 2 weeks.
  11. Gently shake the bottle every couple of days.
  12. After the pepper has pickled (it will turn a paler green and eventually blackish), mix well with a dry spoon.

    Kurumilagu Urugai | Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle
    Kurumilagu Urugai | Tender Green Peppercorn Pickle
  13. Serve a little of the green pepper pickle (Kurumilagu Uragai) with Thayir Sadam or Dal-Chawal.


  • When you buy the green peppercorn, ensure that the peppercorns are green and tightly stuck to the stem. This means that they are fresh.
  • Do not separate the peppercorn from the stem. If you do, the pickle will go bad very quickly. 🙁
  • If you have some peppercorn that have separated from the stem, do not add them to the pickle.
  • As time passes, you will find that the stem of the peppercorn goes black and then the peppercorn itself starts to turn black. That is perfectly natural.
  • As with any pickle, ensure that the peppercorn, the bottle, and any spoon or utensil that you use is dry.
  • Do not pickle this in a steel vessel. You will find it corroded and the pickle spoilt.


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