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Lal Bhopla Bharit or Lal Bhopla Raita (Red Pumpkin in Yoghurt)

I love raitas and I love red pumpkin/gummidikaya/lal bhopla. So Lal Bhopla Bharit is a great favourite of mine. I first had it, some two decades ago, at the home of a Maharashtrian friend and ever since, I make it often. Lal Bhopla Bharit or Lal Bhopla Raita is a

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Shrikhand with Kesar and Pista

Living in Maharashtra means encountering delicious Shrikhand on every festive occasion.:-) Among my childhood memories are my Ammamma (maternal grandmother) ordering chakka (strained yoghurt) by the kilo and then getting us grandchildren to churn it into the smooth paste it needs to become before it can be made into yummy Shrikhand! The

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