Magai is an Andhra Mango Pickle flavoured with Fenugreek
Maagai | Magai | Magaya: Andhra Dried Mango Pickle
Ava Baddalu
Ava Baddalu | Instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle by Padma Desaraju
Small pieces of mango pickled in a mustard-chilli-fenugreek paste
Mamidikaya Menthi Baddalu | Menthi Mukkalu | Instant Mango Pickle from Andhra
Mamidi Thokku or Mamidikaya Turumu Pachadi is a mango pickle made with grated and sun-dried unripe mangoes.
Mamidikaya Turumu Nilava Pachadi | Andhra Mango Thokku | Grated Mango Pickle





Can’t wait to make this. What do you use for a chutney grinder? It looks like the blades are specifically for this type of grinding-not like a coffee grinder.

The Girl Next Door

The cake looks simple, but exotic in its own way. The texture and taste of the cake, the way you put it, sound so very interesting. I’d never have thought of using nutmeg in a cake either!

Shilpa Shanbhag

I loved the small tips that you thoughtfully added. Those are the very things that creates a desired dish or a bit of disappointment. Thank you so much.