How to Make Avakai or Avakaya - Andhra Raw Mango and Mustard Powder Pickle

Avakai | Avakaya: The Famous Mango and Mustard Pickle from Andhra Pradesh

If there is one thing that people associate with Andhra Pradesh, it is this simply awesome pickle called Avakai or Avakaya. It is omnipresent in most Andhra households and many homes have several variations of it; regular Avakai, Bellam Avakai, Endu Avakai, with Garlic, with Senagalu (whole Bengal gram)…. And every

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Sindhi Macrolyun Patata, a dish made with Macaroni and potato

Macaroni Alu ki Sabzi | Macaroni Patata: A Sindhi Recipe

Macaroni Patata (also called Macrolyun Patata or Macaron Alu) is a Sindhi dish made with Macaroni and Potato. It is mixed with rice or eaten with chapati.

So one of those days when you want a delicious carb overdose, THIS is the dish for you. 🙂

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Black Chickpea Hummus with Black Sesame Tahini

Black Chickpea Hummus

This is a recipe for Black Chickpea Hummus with Black Sesame Tahini.

This Hummus is nuttier and richer in taste than the traditional chickpea version.

I served it with Lavash.

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Bellam Paramannam | Andhra Rice and Jaggery Kheer

Bellam Paramannam is a traditional kheer made in Andhra Pradesh with rice, jaggery, and milk.

This rice and jaggery payasam is a must during weddings and all important festivals.

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Andhra Nuvvula Chintapandu Pulihora | Tamarind Rice with Sesame Powder

Nuvvula Chintapandu Pulihora | Tamarind Rice with Roasted Sesame Powder

Nuvvula Chintapandu Pulihora is a variation of the ever popular Tamarind Rice that uses roasted sesame powder as a flavouring agent.

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Ugadi Pachadi - Shadruchulu

Ugadi Pachadi | The Traditional Start to the Telugu New Year

Ugadi celebrations begin with Ugadi Pachadi. This pachadi incorporates the six tastes found in nature; sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, bitter, and salty. 

The six tastes (shadruchulu) represent the various experiences we have in life, and having Ugadi Pachadi reminds us that we should face life with equanimity.

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