Kasu Xaak Konbilahi Dali | Assamese Masoor Dal with Colocasia Leaves | Masoor Aur Arbi ke Patte ki Dal

Assamese Masoor Aur Arbi ke Patte ki Dal | Kasu Xaak Konbilahi Dali

This superb Masoor Aur Arbi ke Patte ki Dal (Red Lentils with Colocasia Leaves) is my first taste of Assamese cuisine and I cannot wait to try more dishes from this North Eastern state of India. Called  Kasu Xaak Konbilahi Dali in Assam, this fragrant dal flavoured with panch phoron

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Bharwan Lal Mirch Ka Achaar | Stuffed Red Chilly Pickle

Bharwan Lal Mirch ka Achaar

When I lay my eyes on the plump long red chillies that are used for making the Bharwan Lal Mirch ka Achaar, I just knew I had to make this yummy pickle that is popular in North India. I first tasted this pickle with Aloo Paratha when my sister-in-law got

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Hasi Sasive is a yogurt flavoured with ground mangalore cucumber, mustard, coconut, and red chillies. This is a recipe from the Udupi-Mangalore region of Karnataka.

Hasi Sasive | Paji Sasmi: Mangalore Cucumber in Mustard-Coconut Yogurt

I love yogurt and yogurt based dishes as can be seen from my recipes for Balaee and Moong Dal Palak Khichdi cooked in buttermilk. So I am always on the lookout for new yogurt-based recipes. This week, when I was looking up Udupi recipes, I came across a whole host

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Balaee - Chana Khichdi from Himachali Pradesh

Balaee: Kala Chana Khichdi Cooked in Buttermilk from Himachal Pradesh

Bal?ee (Balaaee) is a mildly spiced khichdi made with rice and kala chana cooked in butter milk with very few spices. Filling and delicious.

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Pundi Gatti | Undi is steamed rice dumplings from Tulu Nadu

Undi | Oondi | Pundi Gatti: Steamed Seasoned Rice Rava Dumplings

I have been wanting to make Undi (also spelled as Oondi to reflect the pronunciation) for a long time now and this week I got the perfect opportunity because of the theme for the #119th Foodie Monday Blog Hop chose Udupi cuisine as the theme. Many South Indian states, an

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Chutneywale Aloo | Baby Potatoes in Coriander Mint Gravy

Aloo Chutneywale | Baby Potatoes Cooked in Coriander Mint Chutney

When I was exploring the vegetarian options for Awadhi Cuisine, I came across a recipe for Aloo Chutneywale that I promptly bookmarked because I have some very lovely memories associated with this dish. Many year ago, when I was to buy my first home, my family used to go scouting for

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