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Celebrating Devi Navratri – Naivedyam to Offer, Colours to Wear & More…

This post is from 2014. I have a separate post for the Devi Navratri 2016: Colours to Wear, Naivedyam to Offer, and Alankaram. Sharada Navratri or Devi Navratri is one of the most important festivals and is celebrated across almost all parts of India. These 9 nights/10 days (navratri = nine nights) are dedicated

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Bengali Bhoger Khichuri | Niramish Khichuri with Baigun Bhaja – Durga Puja Special

After many years of trying, M and I finally went together for Durga Puja this year. I must confess that all the trying was on M‘s part and I was always the person who dropped out. When I finally made it to the Pujo this year and experienced the Anjali

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Bellam Paramannam (Rice and Jaggery Pudding)

Paramannam literally means the Ultimate Food (Param-Annam) or the food fit for gods. And it truly is. You can make Paramannam (also called Paravannam) with Bellam (Jaggery or Gur) or with Panchadara (Sugar or Shakkar). Bellam Paramannam is a great favourite with my father and one of the many naivedyams

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Ksheerannam (Rich Rice and Milk Pudding)

Today was the first day of Sharada Navaratri and what a lovely day it was. Today, I made Ksheerannam for naivedyam. Ksheerannam is a solider version of the Pal Payasam as it uses much more rice and is also richer than Paravannam, a lighter milk-and-rice puddingmade in Andhra Pradesh. It

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