Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer_Bhurji with Bell Peppers

Paneer Bhurji | Healthy, Low-Oil Version with Bell Peppers

My first reaction to this Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer Bhurji with Bell Peppers was simply how colourful and appetizing it was. It is indeed true that we eat with our eyes first. 🙂 And when I tasted this dish, I was simply floored at how delicious it was. For health reasons, I have been

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Chatpata Kala Chana Chaat – Mumbai Street Food – No Oil Recipe

The lane in which I shop for vegetables is chock-a-block with temptations. At the start of the lane is a fellow who stocks exotic vegetables and always tries to lure me into buying some. And am I seriously tempted! Then comes this gentleman who make some of the nicest and

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Kandi Podi or Paruppu Podi (Roasted Lentils Powder)

Kandi Podi is almost a staple in homes in Andhra Pradesh. Known as Paruppu Podi in Tamil Nadu, this is a dry powder made out of roasted lentils that is eaten after being mixed with steamed rice topped with some ghee or sesame oil. Kandi Podi Annam is a great way to

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