Kakarakaya Endu Kobbari Kharam is an Andhra recipe of fried bitter gourd flavoured with dried coconut, garlic and red chilli powder.

Kakarakaya Endu Kobbari Kharam | Andhra Style Karela Stir-Fry

I love Kakarakaya (called Karela in Hindi and Bitter Gourd in English). In my home, this is mostly made as Kakarakaya Vepudu or Bitter Gourd Stir-fry. I also make Pavakka Theeyal with it. However, yesterday I was looking for something different and discovered this recipe for Kakarakaya Endu Kobbari Kharam. I found

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Pavakka Theeyal (Bitter Gourd in a Spiced Tamarind and Coconut Gravy)

One of my all-time favourite Kerala dishes is Theeyal. Theeyal can be made with many vegetables; brinjals, lady finger, shallots/madras onions,… I have already written about Theeyal with Lady Finger (Okra) and Madras Onions (Shallot). This week I made Theeyal with Bitter Gourd (called Pavakka in Malayalam). Time: 45 Minutes

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